If you are looking for guidance and direction in your life, the Self Mastery Source readings are for you. They encompass divine possibilities in answering your question in your current sphere of influence.

Guidance Readings

Let me take you into the realms of new possibilities.

My interpretation is unique as I use a set of divination cards that I have illustrated. They are called Self Mastery Source Cards, based on Numerology, Symbology, the Chakra system, Planets and Tarot. Along with my psychic ability, I am given Intuitive Guidance to help answer your question.


Before I draw the cards, I enter a state of deep meditation in order to align to your current energy frequency. I rely on spirit to guide me in receiving the perfect cards.

Experience the unexpected.

Spirit channels through me in order to support the best guidance for you in answering your question.


I email your reading in a pdf file format, plus a photo of your card layout.

Depending on which spread you choose determines the approximate number of pages you receive. Usually you are given at least one full page of guidance, insights and divination per card. It will open you to intense awareness.

My readings are uplifting, exciting, expanding and illuminating.

Question to sally@selfmasterysource.com

Payment: Paypal

You will generate currents of light that inspire new opportunities.

There are 6 options from which to choose.


















The Blue Print spread is detailed, full of symbology. It is insightful. The spread has the possibility to lay new foundations for greater achievements.


A Four Card Spread guides you through four planes of existence. They relate to the Physical, Emotional and Mental level followed by a Spiritual overview.


Price $98


This spread is intensive, illuminating and very detailed. It moves you towards your highest potential. You will be encouraged to honor your brilliance.


This takes you from the current situation to present conditions, from the past through to what would support you and the short term outcome. Deeper still we go into your personality, your hopes and fears, how others relate to you, challenges and gifts to help you with your question.


Finally the eleventh card gives the outcome, followed by the twelfth card which defines the overview of your question.


Price $224


The Triangle spread offers great insight into the past, present and future. The reading explores new paradigms and different perceptions.


It brings things into balance for you to understand how the past opened the doorways to the present and how the present moment creates your future.


It will expose where the issue has come from, the current trends and future conditions, outcome and events likely to unfold.


Price $75


The Mirror spread connects to spirit and awakens the magnificence of reconnection and co-creation. It relays messages that are aligned to higher consciousness.


The first card is used for contemplation and guidance. It represents the conditions around you. The second card is drawn from a set of 44 Mandala Cards that expands the essence of your magnificence.


Price $44


Strengthening your awareness.


Drawing one card is empowering. It gives the possibility of guiding you into the dawning of new understanding.


Price $26

"Sally’s readings are absorbing. Each of the cards held passages that resonated with 'who I am' and 'how I am in the world' - that I could really identify with."




"Sally’s readings are always an opportunity and invitation to pause and consider the things we hold most dear to us. Her insight and perspective shine light in areas of our lives where we have kept secrets from ourselves and feared to tread.


Her guidance is the Call to Action many of us have been waiting for. Profound and permanent shifts come from embracing the message shared within her readings and teachings.


I encourage all who are drawn to her work to dive deeply and find the pearls within.


You will emerge refreshed and empowered."



Managing Director/ Promotions



In combining numerology, Alchemy, Intuitive Guidance and Self Mastery Source Cards you receive a comprehensive reading including your Personal Year and the letters in transit.


Price $175

"Sally is a gifted messenger and her gifts are evident in my reading which is detailed, insightful and revelatory.
I liken her to a 21st Century ‘Spiritual Lifecoach’ "


Kerry Stuart

Master Sound Healer

"These expressive cards got to the core of it. By stating what they stood for I saw very clearly what options/choices/ possibilities lay open for me. A very worthwhile thing to do. Thank you Sally. "


Grace A.


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