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"This is the ‘I Ching' for the western world and a divine reflective introspection that is always the precursor to growth."
Robert - Business Coach


"The only game I’ve played that’s given me some sense of importance. Feels great."
Peter - Cabinet Maker


"A game when illusions become the truth. Fabulous adventure."
Sue - Designer Retail Business.

Testimonials Self Mastery board game.

"A beautiful and very accessible approach to one’s own and the universe’s spiritual world in learning to sense the right directions in life for oneself and loved ones."
Denise - Teacher


"The game facilitated an intense and important process for me."
Carolyn - Film Producer


"A simple and easy tool to assist someone in discovering about themselves."
Lauren - Personal Assistant


"A brilliant experience. A powerful way to support change in the world."
Elly - Team Administrator

"A game of truth. The authenticity of each plane was revealed in such a way as you know it was already within you."
Louise - Home Maker


"Beautiful, enlightening, empowering - the answers are there."
Christine - Kindergarten Teacher


"A brilliant mastery game as a tool for focus and concentrated thinking. A catalyst for creative insight."


"Oh to fall in love with something spiritual. Mind blowing and a teacher, all in one. It has all the answers. Yes, all of them. Trust me I should know."
Georgina - Psychic


"Deeply profound, deliciously challenging, delightfully provocative."
Helena - Author, Facilitator


"What a great process of learning and focusing on issues and solutions to address our  life progressions."
Chris - Registered Psychologist


"A wonderful web of a game and a way out of the matrix."


"Allows me to get in touch with my inner wisdom and trust it."
Jane -  Director


Simon - Builder


"A wonderful game that draws people together with a deep sense of connection."
Lesley - Home Maker


"Helped me work out what was important and what direction I should take. A very interesting process."
Mary - Business Professional


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